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Parma, 13 January 2023 – Zebre Parma received a special mention at the Premio Sant'Ilario 2023 ceremony, held today in the evocative setting of the Teatro Regio in the presence of the city's main authorities and institutions.

This is the well-known and important recognition that the Municipality of Parma has been awarding every year since 1987 to persons, entities, associations and bodies that have contributed in any way to improving the lives of individuals and the community and to enhancing the prestige of the city.
This year, the municipal council, in agreement with the conference of group leaders and taking into account citizens' suggestions, decided to award two gold medals, seven certificates of civic merit and a collective special mention.

A special mention was reserved for Zebre Parma, the Public Assistance Seirs Croce Gialla Parma, the Fondazione di Comunità di Parma Munus and the Missione Valentina for the commitment of their volunteers and members in helping the Ukrainian population affected by the conflict.

The Parma-based franchise, which has traditionally paid particular attention to initiatives of social responsibility and inclusion, had promoted two separate transfers to Italy last March, bringing around 90 Ukrainian refugees to safety thanks to the support and involvement of numerous individuals, companies and partner associations. On the same occasion, Zebre had opened a fund-raising campaign in favour of the families of the players of the Kiev rugby team RC Polytechnic that, to date, has exceeded 80 k euros in voluntary donations.

Zebre Parma CEO Michele Dalai declared:

Zebre Parma CEO Michele Dalai declared:
“About a year ago we found ourselves able to help some friends, the players of RC Polytechnic in Kiev. Without any hesitation, we did what we were sure they would have done for us in the same conditions and situation. We helped their families, doing everything very instinctively without pondering what the consequences would be. For once, this kind of recklessness is something we are proud of. Help and assistance do not end when the most urgent problem seems to be solved. We learned about the lives of others. It has been a beautiful collective effort, and I am grateful to all the people who, as spontaneously as we did, agreed to embark on this journey. We are a club, we play sports, we are not a voluntary association, so we all had to learn together, step by step, what the real needs of these people were. However, there is one person in particular to whom all my gratitude goes. His name is Igor Dzyubich who, from Kiev and then from the border, coordinated the departure and arrival of so many families and especially his own, placing in the hands of strangers like us, what he holds most dear, namely his wife, his mother and his children. I am grateful to Igor because he is a man of extraordinary courage and is the person who truly deserves this mention more than anyone else”.