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Zebre Family


Zebre Family is Zebre Rugby Club's franchise project dedicated to clubs in the territory hosting the federal franchise. The initiative was presented to the clubs of the North-West in February 2018 at the Lanfranchi Stadium on the occasion of the match between Zebre and Cardiff Blues.

After three years of activity, there are more than 140 clubs affiliated to the Parma-based franchise that participates in the international championships of the United Rugby Championship and the EPCR Challenge Cup, coming from all over the North-West as well as from the other regions of Italy.
Zebre Family
Zebre's objective is to have a proactive and ongoing dialogue with the important rugby realities that are the base of the movement of which David Sisi and teammates aim to be an example and reference point for the thousands of young rugby players and fans in a unique process of growth.

There have been many initiatives in the territory that have seen Zebre Rugby athletes as protagonists as ambassadors of the high level in events like youth tournaments, the seasonal apex of junior activity.

The collaboration between the clubs of the territory and the federal franchise will also pass through a series of initiatives for the concrete and continuous collaboration between Zebre and the teams of the franchise that will include commercial synergies, advantages on the purchase of tickets and membership, the possibility of permanent visibility for the clubs at the Lanfranchi Stadium and other meetings dedicated to technical and managerial figures to be held in the Zebre house.
Here the list of the 147 clubs which joint the "Zebre Family" project:

Abruzzo Regional Committee:
  1. Avezzano Rugby

Campania Regional Committee:
  1. Amatori Napoli Rugby
  2. Hydra Rugby Club
  3. US Rugby Afragola

Emilia-Romagna Regional Committee:
  1. Amatori Parma Rugby
  2. APD Hic sunt leones
  3. Cesena Rugby Club
  4. Cus Ferrara
  5. Faenza Rugby
  6. Fifteen Wilds - All Bluff Rugby Mutina
  7. Fortitudo Rugby Bologna
  8. Highlanders Rugby Club
  9. Imola Rugby
  10. Invictus Rugby
  11. Leoni di Cavezzo
  12. Leprotti Rugby Soliera
  13. Lugo Rugby
  14. Modena Rugby 1965
  15. Old Becks Rugby Reggio
  16. Reno Rugby Bologna
  17. Riccione Rugby
  18. Rugby Bologna 1928
  19. Rugby Carpi
  20. Rugby Colorno
  21. Rugby Forlì 1979
  22. Rugby Guastalla 2008
  23. Rugby Lyons
  24. Rugby Noceto
  25. Rugby Parma FC 1931
  26. Rugby Pieve 1971
  27. Rugby Val D’Arda
  28. Le Viole Amatori Parma

Lazio Regional Committee:
  1. Arieti Rugby Rieti
  2. Arnold Rugby
  3. Civitavecchia Rugby Centumcellae
  4. Ciampino Rugby Old
  5. Lupi Frascati Rugby
  6. Frascati Rugby Club
  7. Rugby Anzio Club
  8. Rugby Frascati Union
  9. Terracina Rugby Club
  10. Unione Rugby Ladispoli
  11. Velletri Rugby

Liguria Regional Committee:
  1. Amatori Rugby Genova
  2. Imperia Rugby
  3. Pro Recco Rugby
  4. Reds Rugby Team
  5. Vespe Cogoleto
  6. Sanremo Rugby
  7. Spezia Rugby Club
  8. Superba Rugby Genova
  9. Union Riviera Rugby

Lombardia Regional Committee:
  1. Abbiategrasso Rugby Club
  2. Amatori Tradate Rugby Club
  3. Black Eagles Rugby Ambivere
  4. Botticino Rugby Union
  5. Centurioni Rugby
  6. Cinghiali Rugby Cesano Boscone
  7. Codogno Rugby Club
  8. Cremona Rugby
  9. Cus Pavia Rugby
  10. Phoenix Rugby
  11. Falchi Rugby Lomellina
  12. Fennec Fox Rugby
  13. I Bresciani Rugby
  14. I Levrieri
  15. Lambro Rugby
  16. Mosquito Rugby
  17. Orio Rugby
  18. Malpensa Rugby
  19. Pirati Rugby
  20. Polisportiva Rugbio
  21. Rugby Bassa Bresciana Leno
  22. Rugby Bergamo
  23. Rugby Borgo Poncarale
  24. Rugby Calvisano
  25. Rugby Corbetta
  26. Rugby Fiumicello
  27. Rugby Lainate
  28. Rugby Lions Cremona
  29. Rugby Lodi
  30. Rugby Lyons Settimo Milanese
  31. Rugby Mantova
  32. Rugby Oltremella
  33. Rugby Parabiago
  34. Rugby Parco Sempione
  35. Rugby San Donato
  36. Rugby Valcuvia
  37. Rugby Varese
  38. Rugby Viadana
  39. Rugby Voghera
  40. Rugby Zogno Valbrembana
  41. TNT Ticino
  42. Seregno Rugby
  43. Unione Sportiva Saronno Rugby
  44. US Delebio Rugby

Marche Regional Committee:
  1. Amatori Rugby Ascoli
  2. Fano Rugby
  3. Fermo Rugby Club
  4. Macerata Rugby
  5. Pesaro Rugby
  6. Rugby Jesi 1970
  7. Unione Rugbistica Anconitana
  8. Unione Rugby San Benedetto

Molise Regional Committee:
  1. Hammers Rugby Campobasso

Piemonte Regional Committee:
  1. Acqui Rugby
  2. Alessandria Rugby
  3. Biella Rugby
  4. CUS Piemonte Orientale
  5. Gattico Rugby Club
  6. Ivrea Rugby
  7. La Drola Rugby
  8. Lions Tortona Rugby
  9. Macaco Rugby
  10. Monferrato Rugby
  11. Oleggio Rugby Raptors
  12. Pasturana Rugby
  13. Rugby Novi
  14. Volvera Rugby

Puglia Regional Committee:
  1. Bros’ Rugby Club
  2. Tigri Rugby Bari
  3. Salento Rugby

Sicilia Regional Committee:
  1. Amatori Milazzo Rugby
  2. Delta Kappa Pantere
  3. Nissa Rugby
  4. Vittoria Rugby

Toscana Regional Committee:
  1. Apuani Rugby Massa
  2. Crete Senesi Rugby
  3. Gambassi Rugby
  4. Golfo Rugby Scarlino
  5. I Puma Bisenzio Rugby
  6. I Titani Rugby
  7. Lions Amaranto
  8. Rugby Grande Selva
  9. Rugby Lucca
  10. Rugby Lunigiana
  11. Rugby Mugello
  12. Rugby Rufus San Vincenzo
  13. Rugby Union Versilia
  14. Unione Rugby Montelupo
  15. Rugby Valdarno
  16. Valdinievole Rugby
  17. Vasari Rugby Arezzo

Trentino-Alto Adige Regional Committee:
  1. Polisportiva Oltrefersina

Umbria Regional Committee:
  1. Rugby Gubbio 1984
  2. Ternana Rugby Club

Valle d’Aosta Regional Committee:
  1. Stade Valdôtain Rugby