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Zebre Business

Zebre Business

Professional rugby principles, values and know-how for your organisation and working team

Zebre Rugby For Business is the new and innovative cluster that encompasses the services designed by Zebre in support of companies and their managers, and aimed at improving individual and collective performance at work.

Zebre Rugby For Business is divided into three different paths:

  1. Management Training School and Team Building: a unique and unforgettable game and training experience together with the players of the Italian National Rugby team.
  2. Wellbeing Academy for Managers: the correct and functional nutrition for achieving one's goal
  3. Smart Wellbeing Academy for Manager: the distance version of our corporate wellness academy.
  4. Business events: organize your corporate events and meetings in the exceptional setting of the Cittadella del Rugby in Parma

Some impressions from those who have already participated in the Zebre team building and nutrition academy:

"A constructive and educational growth opportunity. It will give us a great contribution in our working and everyday lives."
"An engaging experience. The players of the national team conveyed their passion for this sport, which is an ideal mirror of the relationships and dynamics proper to the corporate world. We understood how important it is to train a unique body and mind."
"This activity is a fundamental step in everyone's career plan"
"A very educational and different experience, very well received by all participants. It is great to understand how to transport the team sense of a professional and competitive club inside the daily business life"
"A very warm welcome that prompted teamwork: I thank the trainers for presenting us with the many similarities to corporate work; teamwork is part of our teams and work departments"
"The intimacy of the close relationship with colleagues in the classroom and on the field is a very purposeful aspect; a useful training moment that, beyond the game, conveys the important values of rugby to business managers who are not familiar with them"