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Parma (Italy), 28 June 2023 – Contemporary, combative, more understandable and attractive, especially for the younger generations. Zebre Parma present the new club logo that will accompany the Italian Rugby Federation franchise in this very important phase of re-launch in the national and international context.

This is the first effective rebranding of the club, which competes in the two prestigious tournaments BKT United Rugby Championship and EPCR Challenge Cup against the main teams of Europe, United Kingdom and South Africa. Exactly fifty years after the birth of the 'historic Zebre' and eleven years after the foundation of the franchise based in Parma, the Club makes a strategic choice that is partly conservative and partly revolutionary with respect to recent tradition. The city confirmed, the social colours and the project of taking root in the Parma territory that especially in the last period has brought important results and satisfactions, Zebre implement a change of image that, starting from the remake of the design of the animal symbol, aims to promote a different message, a new mentality and a renewed perception.

The profile of the Zebra, from the lateral that it was, now becomes frontal, aggressive and challenging, with straight eyes aimed at the observer.
The Club's objective is to offer, first and foremost, the players of a team that has been profoundly renewed in terms of sport and age, a new image in which to recognise themselves and for which to fight.

Zebre Parma's new logo presentation video:

The choice of the new logo, strengthened by the opportunities of the new partnership with Canterbury and by the captivating merchandising line created by the technical sponsor, wants to be courageous and pioneering, following the example of the USA sport business that the United Rugby Championship has imported and promoted in Europe and in the world thanks to the precious consulting activity of the entertainment company Roc Nation, with exceptional results from the media and commercial point of view.

A sensitivity that the illustrator and art director Francesco Poroli has been able to grasp very well, conceiving from scratch the new logo of Zebre Parma. The club would like to thank the artist and marketing and communication agency partner Areaitalia for developing the club's new coordinated image.
Zebre Parma's Sole Administrator Michele Dalai declared: "The restyling of Zebre Parma's logo and image stems from a very clear need, that of being up to the challenge of a tournament that requires not only sporting performance but also increasing attention to the details of communication and pure marketing. URC aims to become the NBA of rugby and the quality of the protagonists of this change, the professionalism of the managers that this tournament attracts is constantly evolving and growing. For the new logo, we were inspired by the American professional leagues and their traits, and we asked Francesco Poroli (one of Italy's best art directors) months ago to rethink the club's image along three major guidelines: that of colour, that of renewal (which follows the rejuvenation of the team), and that of a different 'emotional' impact of the image, more aggressive and less cryptic. I am grateful to Francesco for having worked so well and I am convinced that the Zebre fans but above all the boys will be able to identify with this new vision".