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Parma, 23rd November 2022 - Unique, brave, involving: Radio Birikina is the ideal partner of Zebre. The Parmesan franchise is pleased and proud to announce that it has reached a cooperation agreement with the important radio station belonging to the Klasse Uno group, the largest area radio network in Italy with almost 1,600,000 average listeners per day.

For the next three years, the main news and activities of the 15th North West will be filmed and relaunched on the frequencies of Radio Birikina, which with its 624,000 daily listeners and 1,689,000 weekly listeners (source: TER Anno 2021) is the reference broadcaster in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna and Lombardy, regions that it covers entirely on FM, but for some years has also been reaching parts of Trentino Alto Adige, Tuscany, Piedmont, Umbria, Lazio and Campania on DAB.

Interviews, curiosities, promotional spots and in-depth reports on the club that participates in the two international tournaments BKT United Rugby Championship and EPCR Challenge Cup against the main teams of Europe, the United Kingdom and South Africa will find space in the varied and engaging programme schedule of the broadcaster founded in 1989, which has established itself over the years as a 'juke box' capable of fulfilling the numerous requests for original songs, and in some cases impossible to listen to elsewhere.
Radio Birikina, whose logo and name will be prominently displayed in the commercial visibility spaces of the Cittadella del Rugby in Parma, is not listened to by chance but by passion, thus enjoying a vast network of loyal and participating listeners. Its radio newspaper offers daily national and local news, edited by an in-house editorial staff, with continuous updates on weather and info-mobility.

With more than 8,300 total downloads of the app, around 230,000 total followers and almost 300,000 average monthly listeners in streaming, Radio Birikina is also an established broadcaster on the web and in social channels; its institutional portal makes it easy to explore its sections to discover all the information and opportunities, submit listening requests and enjoy its programming at any time, in streaming and in the specific TV channel.

Zebre Parma's Chief Executive Michele Dalai:

"I am very happy with the partnership with Radio Birikina. We had been looking for some time for a voice that could represent our messages and values. A great radio network present in our territory and followed with passion by hundreds of thousands of people can only make our desire to grow even stronger and clearer. I am convinced that our journey will be long and full of satisfaction".

Klasse Uno Network General Manager Flavio Rutili's statements:

"Discipline, responsibility, support and beauty are the pillars on which Zebre Rugby's philosophy is based, concepts that are also at home at Radio Birikina and that we are therefore certainly pleased to divulge also with the occasion of this beautiful media partnership of which we are particularly proud. We will field to support Zebre Rugby not only Radio Birikina but also Birikina TV, its social networks and website".